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Phase One

Phase One was granted planning permission in February 2022. Although Waverley Borough Council refused our application in 2021 (against planning officer advice), a Planning Inspector granted it on appeal in February.

We hope that construction will start later this year and envisage the build will take approximately 18 months to complete. We will post updates here should you wish to follow our progress.

Latest update:

Work to remove Japanese Knotweed on Phase One’s site is programmed to start on Wednesday 10 August 2022. The contractors have been instructed not to commence before 8am. The work is envisaged to take a week to 10 days.

Illustration showing an aerial view of Phase One
Artist’s impression: Aerial view of Phase One

Phase One – Masterplan

  • Phase 2Area of development
  • Proposed building
  • Public green space / park
  • Private garden
  • Pavement, shared surface and square
  • Street
  • Door location
  • Car parking location
  • Bicycle parking
  • Existing trees and tree clusters
  • Existing Trees removed
  • Proposed trees

Phase One – Key benefits at a glance

Homes icon

50 high quality designed, low energy homes utilising traditional architecture with a focus on local distinctiveness

Affordable homes icon

15 affordable homes (30%) on the site, all secured in perpetuity

Biodiversity icon

40% of the site will be set aside for wildlife landscaping, trees and open spaces resulting in a 20% Biodiversity Net Gain across the site

Levy icon

Circa £2.6 Million of Community Infrastructure Levy contributions towards local infrastructure including transport, education, community facilities and environmental improvements

Country Park icon

Public access to a stunning 2.3km woodland and field walk suitable for dog walkers, improving direct links from the edge of town into Blackdown and the wider South Downs National Park