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Consultation on updated material

Redwood continues to engage with Waverley BC following the refusal of its planning application for Phase Two Scotland Park earlier this year. Redwood is looking to continue promoting Phase Two through the Local Plan Review process. As we believe we have made good progress to overcome the highways and ecological reasons for refusal, we now are seeking public feedback on these aspects (deadline 10th September).

The timeline below sets out an overview:

Timeline – Phase Two planning application WA/2022/01887

August 2022

Redwood submitted planning application to Waverley BC

March 2023

Redwood submitted amended highways plans for the Midhurst Road

April 2023

Highways Authority no longer objected and proposed appropriate s106 conditions

April 2023

Surrey Wildlife Trust raised ecological matters

May 2023

Waverley BC refused Phase Two’s planning application, WA/2022/01887.

Reasons for refusal included:

  • The original highways objection because of lack of time to reconsult on amended plans
  • Insufficient ecological information

July 2023

Redwood submitted a formal request to Waverley BC to support the Phase Two’s site being allocated in the Local Plan

August 2023

Redwood starts public consultation on:

  • The previously amended highways plans for Midhurst Road
  • Response table to Surrey Wildlife Trust’s ecological matters

As shown above, although Redwood submitted amended highways plans in March, Waverley BC felt there was insufficient time to reconsult before deciding the application. So even though the Highways Authority withdrew its previous objection, Waverley BC included highways matters as a reason for refusal.

To help you respond to our consultation you can access the highways information here. At an earlier stage of the planning application, Surrey County Council Highways had requested that a Road Safety Audit be completed, and so we made minor changes to take into account the recommendations that are set out within this audit. This is usual practice and resulted in a positive response from Surrey County Council Highways.

It is worth noting that the Highways Authority objected to Redwood’s earlier proposals to reduce the Midhurst Road’s speed limit to 30 mph and introduce associated traffic calming measures. The amendments made in March maintain the existing 40 mph speed limit.

On ecology, you can read our response table to the matters Surrey Wildlife Trust raised. Do give us your feedback by 10th September.

In terms of other grounds for refusal, Redwood is of the opinion that most can be resolved in the normal manner via a legal agreement with the Council to ensure, for example, delivery of the 35% affordable housing provision, the Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) and contributions towards improvements to Public Rights of Way in the local area.

Redwood is committed to working with WBC, statutory consultees and neighbours to help overcome any issues, therefore Redwood wishes to consult on this further information which is published on this website. We welcome any comments.

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